2015 Eminent Writer-in-Residence Program


What’s this all about?
This special, one-off residency opportunity is open to eminent Australian writers working in any form/genre, for example fiction (including young adult), non-fiction, and poetry.

In this context, ‘eminent’ is defined as an Australian author with (1) a national reputation, (2) significant publication history, (3) recognised in Australian awards, and (4) reviewed in the mainstream press and literary journals.

This residency offers the successful writer the experience of living at the reinvigorated Gorman Arts Centre, Canberra, and working at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House.
The benefits to the writer are anticipated to include:

  1. immersion in the world-class collections, resources and programs offered by a significant national cultural institution (as well as neighbouring national cultural institutions);
  2. connection with the vibrant life and multi-arts opportunities of Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres; and
  3. time and space to create new work; and
  4. opportunities to engage with the ACT’s vibrant arts and cultural community more broadly.

The successful applicant will receive a stipend of $5,000 plus the provision of accommodation at Gorman Arts Centre via the recently refurbished ArtSit, and an office at the Museum of Australian Democracy. All other costs, including travel to and from and within the ACT and incidentals (meals etc), will be the responsibility of the writer.

The residency must occur in 2015, and preferably in September, but there may be some room for negotiation around exact dates.

Applicants will be required to nominate a community engagement program, which may involve giving a masterclass, a mentorship opportunity, or community workshops.

Applications will be assessed by a panel comprising a practicing writer of note, a representative from the Museum of Australian Democracy, a representative from artsACT, and a representative from the ACT Writers Centre. The panel’s decision will be final and feedback to applicants will not be provided.

The selection criteria will be as follows:

  • the status of the writer
  • the articulation of the project and how the residency will develop the project
  • relevance to the objectives of the Museum of Australian Democracy
  • community engagement activities

Preference will be given to writers who would not otherwise be able to access the ACT and its resources on a regular basis.

Applications are now closed. For more information please contact Sophie Lovell at admin@actwriters.org.au or phone 02 62629191.

The 2015 Eminent Writer-in-Residence Program is an initiative of the ACT Writers Centre and is supported by the ACT Government through artsACT.

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