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Best Floor Lamps For Reading – Reviews & Buying Guide

The best floor lamps are not only great for reading, but they are also dandy home décor accessories.

Whether you want a vintage touch, a modern touch, or you simply want a lamp to offer the right color blend with your sofa, there is a floor lamp to suit your home décor ideas.

But the primary focus should be finding a floor lamp that does not strain your eyes and a floor lamp that suits the light’s intended location (bedroom or living room).

But searching for the right or should I say the best floor lamp for reading can be a tedious undertaking, and you would be fortunate just to bump into the Miroco LED Floor Lamp on your first window-shopping run. 

Luckily, yours truly has compiled a list that only contains the crème de la crème. 

using a floor reading lamp
Getting the right floor lamp will really help set the scene and get you in the mood to enjoy your favorite book.

Our Floor Lamps For Reading At A Glance

The 11 Best Floor Lamps for Reading

Once you are done scanning through the list, there are a couple of tips in the buyer’s guide in the next section. In that section, you will find a rundown of things you should consider before buying a floor lamp suitable for reading.

Here are the 11 best floor lamps for reading in 2021.

1. Miroco Dimmable Reading Standing LED Lamp

Best Overall 

Miroco LED Floor reader Lamps

Style: Modern | Power source: Corded Electric | Material: Metal | Type of Bulb: LED | Dimmable: Yes | Remote Control: No

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A 2-in-1 multifunctional design of a lamp effectively makes it cheaper, it’s like you are buying two lamps— a floor and a desk lamp —at a price of one, bargain!

But with the Miroco Dimmable Reading Lamp, that’s not the only thing that convinces you that it offers great value for your money.

It comes programmed with a truckload of brightness and color temperature settings, which help you to adjust the lamp’s light for daytime or nighttime use. Whether you want a brightly lit living room or a bedroom that has a soft amber glow, the Miroco floor has got you.

Then there is the flexible rubberized gooseneck, which enables you to direct the lamp’s 1815 lumens brightness exactly where you need it, and the lamp stands on a well-balanced base that keeps the lamp sturdily upright. It also has a 60-second timer


  • Incredibly bright and dimmable
  • Loads of light settings
  • Heavy sturdy base 
  • Smooth and flexible
  • Easy to assemble


  • Power cord is a little short

2. Remote and Touch Control Reading Lamp

Best Remote Controlled Floor Lamp

Dodocool Reading Floor Lamp

Style: Modern | Power source: Corded Electric | Material: Metal | Type of Bulb: LED | Dimmable: Yes | Remote Control: Yes

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This is a lamp with a simple design that comes with modern control features: it has both a remote control with a range of 36ft and a touch control pad.

With the sleek, pocket-sized remote, you can switch between 4 color modes to select a light mode that suits your environment. Actually, the lamp comes with 6 preset scene modes: leisure mode, entertainment mode, breastfeeding mode, reading mode, office mode, and night light.

The brightness settings are awesome; the lamp has step-less brightness adjustment, which helps you smoothly find a comfortable brightness level.

If there’s an infant in the house, this is the lamp that I would confidently recommend; apart from the fact that you won’t have to move around a lot trying to tweak the brightness, the lamp has a breastfeeding scene mode. 


  • Remote controlled 
  • Easy to set up
  • Simple but modern design
  • A lot of color settings


  • The base is not heavy enough to use cushy floors

3. SOARZ Torchiere Adjustable Reading Lamp

Best Versatile Reading Floor Lamp

SOARZ Torchiere Adjustable Reading Lamp for bedroom

Style: Modern | Power source: Corded Electric | Material: Plastic, Metal | Type of Bulb: LED | Dimmable: Yes | Remote Control: Yes

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This lamp features two lamp heads that offer different functions. There is a 20W lamp for lighting up the whole room and a 5W lamp, which has a flexible gooseneck and is a great lamp for reading.

The main lamp provides a generous 2000 lumens bright enough to light up a large home office or living room. The reading light emits a good 400 lumens.

It is this ‘multi-functionality’ that makes this floor lamp an inexpensive home accessory.

But we’re just getting started. The SOARZ Torchiere is packed with a bunch of handy features—color temperature control, brightness settings, a memory function, and you can tweak all these using a remote control. It also has a wall switch. 

Setting up your lighting modes for your reading sessions is super easy; you just lie back and remotely customize the 3 color temperature modes (3000K Warm light, 4000K Cool Light, 5000K White daylight) and the stepless dimming.


  • Has many color and temperature settings
  • Has a remote control
  • Excellent ambient lighting
  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong metal material 


  • Remote control not perfect when using on an Alexa smart plug

4. Tenergy LED Floor Lamp for Reading

Best 2-in-1 Design

Tenergy LED study Floor Lamp

Style: Modern | Power source: Corded Electric | Material: Plastic, Iron, Aluminium | Type of Bulb: Incandescent, LED | Dimmable: Yes | Remote Control: No

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Now, here is a lamp that oozes innovation. This lamp features a 2-in-1 design—it can be used as a floor lamp or turned into a desk lamp by taking off some rods.

The Tenergy LED floor lamp has 4 adjustable color settings: Cool, Natural, Mild, and Warm White. It is dimmable; has five adjustable brightness settings. 

Its sleek design is embellished by a touch panel which is used to control brightness, color temperature, and timer mode. When the light settings are customized to your needs, the lamp will remember the preferences the next you turn it on.

The lamp also has a 60-minute sleep timer. This feature is very convenient when you just want to tuck into bed, turn a few pages and slip into a warm slumber; the light shuts itself off while you sleep.

The lamp also has a 360° flexible gooseneck for adjusting the angle of the bulb’s light.


  • Versatile
  • Has 4 color temperature modes
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Sleek design 
  • Flexible Gooseneck


  • It is cranky at times

5. Versanora Arquer Arc Floor Lamp

Top Home Décor Pick

Versanora Arquer Arc Floor Lamp

Style: Modern | Power source: Corded Electric | Material: Iron and Marble | Type of Bulb: Incandescent | Dimmable: No | Remote Control: No

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This floor lamp is a beautiful item that impressively embodies simplicity.

The fact that this lamp is not dimmable is not really a harsh realization. But, the heavy and sturdy marble base and the iron stem makes this a durable lamp that will complement your décor and outlast most of the accessories in the living room bedroom.

The lamp looks more expensive than it actually costs, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a rickety knockoff, no!  it is sturdy, and most standard size bulbs will fit.


  • The base is strong enough to stand firm on carpeted floors
  • Value for money
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not Dimmable

6. Brightech Litespan – LED Reading Floor Lamp

Best Floor Lamp Made of Wood

Brightech Litespan LED 2nd Edition Reading Floor Lamp

Style: Modern | Power source: Corded Electric | Material: Wood | Type of Bulb: LED | Dimmable: Yes | Remote Control: No

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Sometimes, what you need is a lamp towering a few inches above you and your book. The Litespan can be as high as 55 inches depending on the angle of the super flexible gooseneck.

The light is excellent; The 12W LED bulb produces 2,000 lumens.

You can switch between 3 color temperatures: warm white (3,000K), cool white (6,000k), and a mixture of both—soft white light (4,500K). The Litespan is also dimmable.

That excellent light is complemented by a weighty, stable, and sturdy base, which means that when the kids clutter into this lamp, it won’t be knocked over easily.

With this floor lamp, you won’t need to worry about replacing your reading light for years. As a matter of fact, Brightech—the lamp’s manufacturer—claims that the bulb has a 15-20-year lifespan.


  • Flexible gooseneck for adjusting the bulb’s angle
  • Dimmable
  • Strong base
  • Long lasting
  • Has 3 color temperatures


  • Unreliable light settings memory

7. LEPOWER Adjustable Metal Floor Lamp

Best Non-Dimmable Floor Lamp for Reading

LEPOWER Adjustable Metal Floor Lamp

Style: Metal | Power source: Corded Electric | Material: Metal | Type of Bulb: LED, Incandescent | Dimmable: No | Remote Control: No

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A stylish, foldable lamp with a good quality metal finish. This is one of the few floor lamps on this article’s list, if not the only one that can match any home décor style.

The LEPOWER Adjustable Metal floor lamp does not come with a bulb. It has an E26 sized screw base, so you can buy a LED bulb, energy-saving bulbs, and incandescent bulbs and fix them to the lamp.

To avoid overheating, the lamp has a heat dissipation design, but it is still prudent to buy bulbs that don’t emit a lot of heat.

It has a swing arm which adds to the foldability and the stylishness of the lamp.


  • Stylish design
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to assemble
  • The packaging box is compact and great for small storage spaces


  • Not Dimmable 
  • Some standard size bulbs won’t fit

8. Brightech Leaf – LED Reading Lamp

Best Basic Vintage Style

LED Reading Lamp for dark rooms

Style: Antique | Power source: Corded Electric | Material: Metal | Type of Bulb: LED |Dimmable: Yes | Remote Control: No

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This gold-plated lamp is a great addition to your living room or home office if you are an antique lover who wants to add something rustic to your home. 

But, the article isn’t really about home décor ideas, so how does it fare as a lamp for reading?

The lamp has a 12.5 watt LED bulb that produces an ample 1150 Lumens, giving a light good enough for any type of reading. Its color temperature measures a respectable 3,000 Kevins.

Although it has an antique finish, I would have loved it if the manufacturers had given the lamp more color temperature and brightness settings. Nonetheless, it is still dimmable.

It is also claimed that the bulb can live up to 20 years with normal use.


  • Excellent bright light
  • Easy to assemble
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • Awesome rustic look


  • No color temperature settings
  • Not stable on cushy rugs and carpets

9. OttLite 18W WingShade Adjustable Floor Lamp

Most Simple Modern Design

Adjustable Floor Lamp for office

Style: Modern | Power source: Corded Electric | Material: Plastic, Metal | Type of Bulb: LED | Dimmable: No | Remote Control: No

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A good lamp for reading should reduce eye strain and reduce glare. The OttLite 18W Wingshade does these things perfectly.

The light produces an excellent bright light while emitting low heat. The light brilliantly brings out different natural colors and is ideal for colorful reads like cookbooks.  

You obviously know that an adjustable neck always comes in handy when you want the light focused on a particular spot, so the adjustable neck of this lamp is more than a bonus.


  • Excellent glare-free light
  • Great for small spaces
  • Very flexible
  • Very simple and easy to set


  • It has a relatively lightweight base

10. JOOFO Reading Light

Budget Pick

JOOFO cheap Reading Light

Style: Classic | Power source: Corded Electric | Material: Metal | Type of Bulb: LED | Dimmable: N/A | Remote Control: No

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Okay, this is another light that effortlessly fits in with many décor styles. It has a design that easily complements old décor styles and contemporary décor trends.

 It comes with a 9W LED bulb and has 3 color temperature modes. Using the pull string, you can switch between warm, natural, and cool modes. 

The JOOFO floor lamp has a nice warm light that protects your eyes and won’t strain them when you are reading

The material is simple and beautiful, and can be assembled within a couple of minutes. 

The lamp hangs on a 63-inch pole; it will majestically tower behind or beside the sofa whilst you enjoy your favorite read.


  • Great with a lot of home décor styles
  • Has nice warm light
  • Multiple color temperature options
  • Easy to assemble 


  • The lamp not made of durable material 

11. Brightech Wyatt – Industrial and Rustic Floor Lamp

Best  Farmhouse Décor Lamp

Brightech brightest floor lamp available

Style: Contemporary | Power source: Corded Electric | Material: Metal | Type of Bulb: LED | Dimmable: Yes | Remote Control: No 

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As I have repeatedly said; apart from providing an excellent light for reading, a lamp has to seamlessly fit in with your home décor. It could elegantly and unnoticeably stand behind the couch or toweringly and beautifully stand beside the table.

The Brightech Wyatt – Industrial and Rustic floor lamp awesomely matches industrial, farmhouse, rustic, and many other stylish home décor trends. 

This light provides a bright warm light that is soft and cozily brightens your living room.

By adjusting the lamp’s arm, the height of this lamp can be adjusted between 42” and 57”, so, whether you are reading on an antique settee or your home office desk, it will be high enough for the task.   

And with an outward reach of around 1.5 feet, the lamp can provide a reading light even when you are more than a foot away from the pole. 


  • Stylish
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to assemble
  • Warm light


  • Needs tightening, which affects flexibility

Floor Lamps for Reading Buying Guide

What to Look for When Buying a Reading Floor Lamp

When looking for a reading floor lamp, you must consider the subtractive or additional effects the floor lamp will have on the aesthetics of your home or office décor.

But, since you are looking for the best “reading floor lamp”, there should be a balance between the ‘look good’ factors and the quality of the floor lamp’s light for reading. The balance should tip a little bit more towards the quality of the lamp’s light.

There are various things to consider when buying a floor lamp for reading. Things like lamp brightness, color temperature, and adjustable poles/arms, among others.

Lamp Brightness

When looking for a floor lamp that best does the lighting task for your reading session, the bulb’s brightness should be crucially assessed.

You need a bulb with a good quality bright light that doesn’t strain the eyes. Lowly lit reading sessions usually fatigue your eyes.

The lamp also needs to be dimmable so that you can adjust it to a level that is appropriate for your eyes and the reading environment.

If you want a reading lamp that can equally be used to light the whole living room, then you need to look for a light that has more than 900 Lumens. 

If you are going to use incandescent bulbs, then you need to consider the wattage but, with new energy-saving LED bulbs, just look at the Lumens—The higher, the better.

Color temperature

It is so important that you don’t confuse color temperature and light brightness. They can be confusing at times because the whiter the color temperature, the brighter the bulb appears.

But, color temperature does not affect the brightness and is not measured in lumens like brightness. Color temperature measurement uses Kevins and ranges from soft, warm light (2700K-3000K) to high contrast cool light (3600K-5000K).

The spot or location in which you will use the light also determines the color temperature setting used. For example, warm light is preferably a bedroom bedtime reading light, while cool light is good for focused home office or living room reading because of its high contrast attribute. 

A lamp with multiple color temperature settings is necessary because it helps set a good light tone for a particular situation.   

Location and Mood

Usually, avid readers, well, most of us have some spot or space where we get lost into our books. Most also like to have certain moods and settings that we enjoy reading in.

When buying a floor lamp for reading, you ought to search for a reading floor lamp that befits most of your reading occasions and nooks. 

Again, brightness and color temperature is important when buying a reading floor lamp to be used in a particular reading corner. You should think about how the lamp’s color temperature and brightness settings will gibe with the reading environment.

Soft warm light complements the cozy environment of a bedroom, while cool daylight light embodies the high contrast and focus of an office or living room. 

Sometimes, people make special nooks with plush pillows, soft chairs, and soft fabric. This is obviously a cozy setting and a basic, non-dimmable light won’t be a perfect fit. 

Ambient floor lamps provide enough light for most nook settings, but you still need focused light for serious reading sessions.

Adjustable arm/angle

The best reading floor lamp needs to have flexible arms so that the light can be directed to where it is needed.

Some floor lamps have a bendable gooseneck, and others have swing arms. The adjustable arms come in handy when you shift your position and need the light’s angle to change. 

The different adjustable arms also complement your décor, whether it’s a lamp with a gooseneck arching over your furniture or want a floor lamp with a swing arm just like the one on the Pixar logo. 

How do I choose a floor lamp for reading?

Floor lamps can provide ambient lighting or direct task lighting. Obviously, reading floor lamps are in the category of task lighting.

When you go searching for the best reading floor lamps, you will probably scour through ambient floor lamps, uplight and torchiere floor lamps, and arc floor lamps.

Ambient floor lamps provide a light bright enough for you to read, but the lighting is not optimal.

The floor lamp that you need is one that focuses the light on you and your book, not a lamp that has diffused light.

Cost and aesthetics should be secondary factors when choosing a reading floor lamp. The primary focus should be the health of your eyes. 

The vibe that lamp gives you should also matter, well, a ‘good vibe’ is necessary for an enjoyable reading session.

How many lumens should a reading lamp have?

A straightforward answer would be both scant and wrong. There are some factors to be considered when stating optimal lumens for reading.

Age is one of them. When you are young and healthy, you will need at least 450 lumens. But as you grow older, you will probably need more lumens. 

I would recommend LED bulbs within the wattage range of 6W-13W which emit 450-1200 Lumens.

LED vs Incandescent: What type of lighting is best for reading? 

To start off this race, let’s acknowledge that LEDs last longer and are more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs.

Yes! LEDs are in the lead shortly after the whistle!

LEDs are a directional light source; their light is distributed to a specific direction. With all these benefits, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they provide the best lighting for reading.

But, among the various types of LEDs, some lights will be better suited to and more helpful during particular reading tasks than others.

For example, the whiter the light, the higher the concentration of blue wavelengths. This is so important because blue wavelengths suppress sleep-cycle regulating hormones. 

Clearly, white LED light can improve your alertness and delay slumber by a couple of hours.

So to answer the question, the best LEDs offer the best light for reading.    

The Top Pick Again and… It’s a Wrap!

I’m sure you have scanned through the ‘best floor lamps for reading’ list. If you have reached this far, then you are definitely buying a floor lamp.

So, the article’s recommendation once again; the Miroco Dimmable Reading Standing LED Lamp, a lamp that has an excellent light, is simple, durable, and costs less than most floor lamps on the market.

I swear on my ‘light’, the floor lamps on the list are the best floor lamps for reading. 

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