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Best Journals For Writers | Capture Your Creative Thoughts

You might be looking for the ‘best journal’ or may not know that as a writer, you actually need one.

Either way, you have landed on the right page. The ‘best journal for writers’ list that I have compiled definitely has at least one journal that you will like.

Journals are a useful accessory for writers and come in handy when you want to jot down a to-do list, you want to write down an outline for your novel, or perhaps, you want to scribble something to get the juices flowing.

You need to get yourself a beautiful rustic leather notebook like the Leather Journal Writing Notebook, which is also my number one choice for the ‘best journal for writers’’ available on the market. 

which are the best journals for writing daily
A journal helps capture and save those creative moments.

Our Best Journals For Writers At A Glance

The Best Journals for Writers

Without much ado, here’s a list of the ‘best journals for writers’.

1. Leather Journal Writing Notebook

Best leather Cover

Leather Journal Writing Notebook

Size: 5” x 7” | Weight: 15.5 ounces |Number of pages: 240 | Paper Quality: 120gsm | Ruling: Plain 

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The book has an antique or vintage vibe. When I first saw this journal notebook, I thought, “I could write spells in this book.” 

The notebook has a unique leather-bound cover, which has a tie, and it has creamy-textured blank paper which measures 7 by 5 inches.

Eco-warriors will surely love this notebook; the pages are made from recycled, acid-free cotton paper, making the notebook environmentally friendly. The lineless pages are acid-free with no bleed through. 

This notebook isn’t as flashy as the previous notebook on the list, but it’s a perfect bullet journaling tool.

2. Refillable Leather Journal

Best leather

Refillable Leather Journal

Size: 8.75” x 6.5” | Weight: 25.6 ounces |Number of pages: 240| Paper Quality: 125 gsm | Ruling: Ruled

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Another beauty from Moonster with soft and supple dark brown leather. This rustic leather notebook has a refillable leather cover that gives a vintage vibe and is complemented by a lush silver ball pen.

Unstrap the journal and be charmed by the creamy, textured pages made from recycled acid-free cotton paper, measuring 5.75 inches by 8.25 inches. And, you can be rest assured that ink bleeding won’t happen on these papers.

For creative writers, this journal just gives you the liberty to create, to be a maven. Whether it’s just jotting down some storylines, drawing fantasy maps, or describing characters, this is your indispensable writing companion. 

3. Minte Inspirational Writing Journal

Best Giftable Journal.

Minte inspirational literary writing journal

Size: 8.9” x 6.69” | Weight: 16 ounces |Number of pages: 250| Paper Quality: 100 gsm | Ruling: Ruled

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Back to bullet journals! This one is a cute 250-paged bullet journal that will easily fit into your purse and won’t cramp your style.

The Minte journal has a Faux leather hardcover and indestructible bookbinding. It also has a magnetic closure that securely keeps the notebook.

The 250 pages are divided into 174 dotted pages, 76 with prompts. This deliberate arrangement is intended to inspire your goal setting, timekeeping, and positive habits.

It’s so posh that I would recommend it for the ladies, not that men can’t be fashionable—insert a ha-ha—but Minte also had women in mind when designing this journal.  

The journal opens flat to expose the 100gsm acid-free ink proof paper, which is also resistant to feathering.

4. Embossed Leather Journal Writing Notebook

Best Antique Cover Design.

Embossed Leather Journal for emerging writers

Size: 8.46” x 5.71” | Weight: 14.4 ounces |Number of pages: 200| Ruling: Ruled

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I’m not good with historical periods, but the looks of this leather journal say Gothic. 

The 3D embossed pattern of the journal’s hardcover can instantly flick an imagination in a writer’s head.

The journal has 100 lined papers that are thick enough to prevent ink bleeding, and the paper is of two kinds: Vintage Paper and Beige Paper.

Just like the phoenix on the hardcover, you shall rise from a writer’s block just by journaling in this notebook. 

5. Huhuhero 5 Pack Notebooks Journals

Budget Option.

Huhuhero 5 Pack Notebooks Journals

Size: 8.66” x 5.62” | Weight: 59.04 ounces |Number of pages: 128 | Paper Quality: 120 | Ruling: Ruled

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This is both the budget option and a journal that offers value for money. It’s about half the price of other top high-quality options but just as good as those journals.

This notebook journal has a black faux leather hardcover which feels soft and smooth, but is very durable. It has 64 sheets of 120Gsm thick lined paper, which are thick and entertain little or no bleeding.

The Huhuhero notebooks also have an expandable pocket, elastic closure band, and a ribbon bookmark, among other features.

This notebook is just perfectly sized for use away from your usual abode; measuring 5 inches by 8.25 inches, you can easily put it into your bag or purse or just carry it around.

6. Rhodia Web notebook

Best leatherette

Rhodia Web notebook for cursive writing

Size: 5.5” x 8.25” | Weight: 9.9 |Number of pages: 96 | Paper Quality: 90gsm | Ruling: Plain

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The Rhodia Web notebook has a leatherette cover with a glued spine, a colored ribbon, and an expanding pocket—perfect for stashing extra notes or torn pages.  

The Web notebook isn’t necessarily the budget pick on this list; perhaps it’s because it has high-quality Clairefontaine 90gsm paper which has no bleed and can take heavy punches from your pens. 

You will enjoy writing on the smooth, high-quality ivory paper of the Web notebook, which by the bye, is perfect for fountain pens.

Weighing just 0.6 pounds, this is the most lightweight journal on the list. In fact, it is the best lightweight journal for writers, by the list’s standards. 

7. The Tree of Life Refillable Writing Journal

The Tree Of Life Journal for creativity

Size: 8.5” x 6” | Weight: 13.6 ounces |Number of pages: 200| Paper Quality: N/A| Ruling: Ruled

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This is quality, durability, and perfect size bundled in one faux leather journal. The stitching looks and feels like quality. 

This classy journal has 200 lined pages and measures 5 by 8 inches. The paper is smooth enough for you to write on and strong enough not to bleed.

When you finish writing for the day and magnetic strap gracefully taps the cover, confirming that ‘it’s a wrap!’

Talking about wrapping things, wrap this journal and send it as a gift to a writer, and you can be sure that the recipient won’t be disappointed.

What to look for when buying a writing journal?

Whether you look for journals on the internet or physical stationery shops, you are bound to be amazed by piles and piles of journals.

There are journals of different shapes and sizes, different bindings, treated or untreated paper, different paperweights, different cover materials, and many other variations.

Decisions! Decisions!

You can’t go in head first, there are a couple of things that you need to consider when choosing a journal that is best suited for your immediate needs as a writer.

Below are a couple of things you need to look at before buying a journal. 

Paper Quality and Writing Tools

A journal might be pleasing to the eye and made by a reputable brand, but if you don’t put the quality of paper into consideration, you are only going to get your heart broken.

You need to look for a journal with smooth paper that doesn’t bleed. Usually, heavier paper works best in minimizing bleeding and ghosting.

But, you also have to consider the mediums that you will use in your journal. There are different mediums that you can use, like ballpoint pens, fountain pens, pencils, markers, etc.

Paper quality has to match the writing tools used. For example, with the wrong type/quality of paper, ink from a fountain pen will cause all sorts of problems. 


How do you like your journal notebook bound? Again, there are a couple of options.

You can have a journal that has a stitched and glued spine, a spiral-bound, or a journal that is stapled. 

The way the notebook is bound is important, stitched notebooks, for example, tend to be sturdier than glued ones. And spirals tend to get bent out of shape.

The best binding is the combination of stitching and glue. This combination is lightweight, the notebook is sturdy, and the notebook doesn’t easily bend out of shape.

Page Style

Do you like writing on blank pages? Or ruled? 

You can choose between a journal notebook with blank, ruled, dotted, or gridded pages.

Lined journal pages are basic and a common choice for writers. 

But, some writers prefer the other styles, the ones which fit their content, for example, gridded—sometimes called graph paper—is good for graphing and other types of mathematical sketching.


Journal notebooks come in many sizes. How and what you use the journal for, will, to some extent, determine the size of the journal you choose.

Some writers want a journal which they can easily slide into their pocket, an A7 sized journal—about 3” x 4”—would be the best option for them. I wouldn’t recommend this for sketching and other forms of art because A7 journals are too small.

Then there is an A5, which is 5.5” x 8.5”, a bigger journal than the former but still a portable notebook to carry around—also a good size for sketching and writing alike.

There are a lot more sizes. But, you need to know what journal size works for your kind of journaling. 

Best Journaling Method: Writing vs Typing

Until now, I haven’t mentioned typing as a way of journaling, obviously because we are looking at the ‘best journal paper notebooks’ for writers. 

But what do you think is better? Jotting down your thoughts, opinions, feelings, and stories or using Google Docs, Microsoft Word, OneNote, Blogger, WordPress, etc.?

Obviously, each method has its pros and cons.

Arguments from both ‘pro- pen and paper’ and ‘pro- keyboard and screen’ writers are usually right.

There are those writers who argue that typing is faster and more convenient.

But, there’s something about the paper notebook. It gives you this unusual raw gratification when writing, the writing feels authentic. In addition to that, writing by hand helps you process information faster, helps you retain it, and improves your spelling.

I would also argue that writing in a paper notebook stimulates and unlocks creativity way better than word processors and co.

The choice is completely yours to make. You, as a writer, have to gauge the perks from both methods and see which ones excite you more. 

What’s the Difference Between a Journal and a Notebook?

Well… there are basically one and the same. A notebook becomes a journal as soon as you start archiving your thoughts and stories or putting prompts in it.

The main difference might lie in the fact that there are notebooks specifically made to be journals.

Just like the ones that we have seen on the ‘best journals for writers’ list, most journal notebooks have sturdy covers, elastic closure, leather, and strong binding, whilst ordinary notebooks don’t really emphasize on these features.

Journaling Daily

It would be great if you jotted down something daily.

But I wouldn’t recommend that for two reasons:  one being that some journaling is usually freestyle, and you are bound to skip one or two days. The other is that writing daily would eat up time for other tasks because you would be trying to squeeze in journaling into your schedule every day.

But, you have to journal at least three days a week, and the weekends are almost a given. Just make sure you have your journal somewhere close, ready to ink in some greatness.

Writer! Get Yourself the Best Journal!

It’s never too late or early to buy a journal. You are never too busy or too bored to buy a journal.

As a writer, journaling is a necessity. 

The Leather Journal Writing Notebook from Moonster is easily the best journal for writers. The majesty is unmistakable—the beautiful rustic looks, the smooth leather, perfect, the high-quality smooth paper, and… it’s handmade!   

Finding the best journal isn’t a leisure activity. You might be lucky enough to find an excellent journal notebook best suited to your writing endeavors on your first try.

Or you might try out a couple of journals before you fall in love with that ‘special one’. Either way, a journal is one of the writer’s best companions. 

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