How To Use Grammarly on google docs

As an online writer, spell checking and making sure your sentences flow is one of the final and most essential steps in writing, especially if you’re planning on publishing it out there on the big wide web. Grammarly has become a must-have for many to check their spelling and grammar before publishing. In this article, … Read more

ACT Writing and Publishing Award Winners

The 2015 ACT Writers Centre Award winners were announced at the end-of-year Christmas celebrations, held on 17 December in the Main Hall at Gorman Arts Centre, Braddon. Thanks to Robert Piani from artsACT for joining us to announce the ACT Book of the Year Award and People’s Choice. Information on the Book of the Year winners can be … Read more

Winners of the 2014 ACT Writing and Publishing Awards

Marjorie Graber-McInnis Short Story Award Judge: Irma Gold (author & editor) Winner: Ashley Thomson for ‘A White Woman in Ōjin’Judge’s comments:‘A White Woman in Ōjin’ was the stand-out on every level. Beautiful written, with a distinctive and resonant voice, the storytelling reels the reader in and holds them to the very end. The prose is taut and polished; it … Read more