Sarah Ayoub on <em>The Year Book Committee</em>, Writing and Diversity
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Sarah Ayoub on The Year Book Committee, Writing and Diversity

Stella Schools Ambassador, Sarah Ayoub, chats with Blogger in Residence, Nalini Haynes, about writing, diversity and representation. Can you tell us a little bit about your novel The Yearbook Committee? In an inner-western Sydney private school, five students work on the school’s yearbook; most come from wealthy families except one scholarship student. It kicks off … Continue reading

Embodying Character: Physical Symbolism or Lazy Stereotypes?

Embodying Character: Physical Symbolism or Lazy Stereotypes?

Rosalind Moran, Blogger in Residence Both as readers of fiction and in the real world, we have been conditioned to judge by appearance. Clean and collared in a boring suit? Public servant. Wearing a puffer jacket? Taswegian. Greying prematurely and drinking caffeine with abandon? Author. Sometimes we construe people’s identities based on what seem like … Continue reading