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Is it just me, or don’t you sometimes, just like a one-millionth of the time—wish you had an extra arm? You know, for

Before 1979, there were no kneeling chairs. Like none. Zero. Zilch.  But thanks to the innovators Hans Christian Mengshoel and Peter Opsvik, we’re

Pen voice recorders, a useful tool that subtly ranks among many of man’s best inventions.  When Laszlo Biro improved on John J Loud’s

The best desk lamps can offer a focused bright light when you’re reading, studying, or writing, in your home office or bedroom.  Desk

Books, my one and only true love. If I were to cheat on them, it’d be with one of the best reading pillows

The best floor lamps are not only great for reading, but they are also dandy home décor accessories. Whether you want a vintage

Vekkia/LuminoLite Rechargeable Book Light, Reading Lights, your best buddy when you’re just feeling night owlish and want to read your favorite book in

You might be looking for the ‘best journal’ or may not know that as a writer, you actually need one. Either way, you

Moving from home to the office or from your home to your favorite café can be hectic, especially with all these writing gadgets

There are a couple of things that are indispensable to a writer and/or a gamer, some of these are typing speed and motivation.

When the greatest writers’ of the 20th century wanted to ink their bestsellers, they turned to their typewriters. The likes of Hemmingway and

So, you want to get yourself a writing keyboard and you don’t know where to start?  As writers, we’re usually typing for many

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