Best Typewriter Keyboard (2020): Typing Old Fashioned Style

There are a couple of things that are indispensable to a writer and/or a gamer, some of these are typing speed and motivation. The best typing apparatus needs to aide you in improving both, and that’s when the typewriter keyboard enters the fray.  The best Typewriter keyboards have that unmissable aura of nostalgia; just looking … Read more

Best Typewriter For Writers (2020) Electric, Manual & Vintage

When the greatest writers’ of the 20th century wanted to ink their bestsellers, they turned to their typewriters. The likes of Hemmingway and Agatha Christie made typewriters like the Corona No.3—which is one of the best typewriters of yesteryear— their inseparable compatriots during their writing binges. Fast forward to 2020, and most writers’ have replaced … Read more

Best Keyboard For Writers (2020)

So, you want to get yourself a writing keyboard and you don’t know where to start?  As writers, we’re usually typing for many continuous hours, putting a strain on our wrist and fingers as we put our thoughts down as words. While there is almost an unlimited amount of keyboard brands and models available on … Read more